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IRQ #7 – Methods that use code blocks

Exciting news! This is the last of the intermediate series, and it focused on code blocks. 

This might be something I want to look back on. It definitely started to touch onto things I wasn’t as comfortable with. 

Anyway, now we’re up to date! Stay tuned for Advanced & TDD quizzes and progress 🙂

IRQ #6 – Creating flexible and maintainable software

This piece was focused on object-oriented design. 

As far as programming and design goes, this was one of the first times I really sat down to type out why it’s good to follow design principles. That being said, even though the score may not reflect it, I definitely feel like I’ve got a decent hang of it.

IRQ #2 – Grokking the Hash class

This was definitely the hardest quiz so far, I think I’ll need to go back and re-take this one to make sure I understand. Hashes are so useful!

Yeah, not super excited about that score.But, 335 lines of code? We’re now easily above 2,000 total for these quizzes! #silverlining 

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